Security Standards

PROFESSIONAL LUBES  has once again taken a big leap in the field of lubricants, by introducing the latest, technologically advanced and state-of-the-art anti-counterfeit solution (Lubricant security feature) with each retail size pack of lubricants. This anti-counterfeit solution has been named “Secure Code”.

PROFESSIONAL LUBES  has introduced first of its kind Lubricant Security Feature in small packs of lubricants. A 16-digit secure code is printed on rear label of cans for which a logo for “Secure Code” is also introduced on front side label. The purchased product is high quality PROFESSIONAL LUBES  lubricant.

With this feature we hope to enhance your satisfaction and build confidence in using PROFESSIONAL LUBES  Lubricants.

We embarked on the task of developing standards, with the “we” being the GM LS2 committee. This group, at the time of this article more than 150 in number, is composed of anyone involved in plant lubrication or fluid management issues. LS2 is composed of plant and central staff people, oilers, maintenance managers, capacity assurance coordinators, machine operators, environmental engineers, etc. Some are salaried; most are hourly. All share a desire to do a better job on lubricant and fluid issues within GM. While no one LS2 member has all of the knowledge, collectively they are a tremendous resource and the reason why GM has made considerable progress on lubrication issues. It is worth noting that our chemical managers and suppliers also participate in LS2 meetings and add considerable value.