Licence Policy

Any person at least 18 years old can apply for a driving licence. The applicant must show their National Identity Card and must be able to read a car number plate from a distance of 20.5 meters (65′).

For a new licence the person needs to apply first for a learner’s permit.

  • The candidate needs to come to the office, in person.
  • The candidate needs to show a valid CNIC
  • The candidate can only apply in the district of their domicile (In case of the out district permission may be granted from the concerned MLA/DPO in advance).
  • Paste a ticket of PKR Rs.60 for each category e.g. motor bike, car, etc.
  • Medical form duly signed from the authorized medical practitioner.

Rules for License


1 Learner’s driving permit of motorcycle / motorcar / LTV / HTV / PSV / tractor (agriculture) shall be valid for six months, however the applicant can appear for practical driving test after 42 days

2 Learner’s driving permit of construction / agriculture machinery shall be valid for one year, however the applicant can appear for practical driving test after six month

3 Foreigners Driving Licence shall be valid for the duration of valid Pakistani visa

4 International Driving Permit shall be valid for one year

5 All other categories of Driving Licences issued under these Rules other than PSV licences shall be valid for 5 years

6 PSV Licences shall be valid for three years unless otherwise provided in these Rules, canceled/suspended by the Authority or a competent Court earlier.