Security Standards:


               CREATING a secure business environment
               MINIMIZING economic losses & business disruptions
               SAFEGUARDING the group,s integrity & reputation


          SECURITY OPERATION shell be conducted in full compliance with the national legal requirements, international Standards, Voluntary principles on security and Human rights (VPSHR) and the statement of General business principles.

          SECURITY shall be addressed in the same way as any other critical activity in the proposal, PLANNING, IMPLEMENTATION and DISCONTINUATION stage of business Operations.

SECURITY should be threat led. Security Manager will advise on risk assessment (based on threat + vulnerability + impact) and measures to mitigate risk. Priority will be given to high risk and high materiality.

PLANS AND PROCEDURE shall be in place to maximise the opportunity of receiving early warning of threat, minimising their impact should they occur, and coordinating a quick response and recovery after the event.

ARMED SECURITY shall not be used unless it is a legal or Government requirement or there is no acceptable alternative to manage risk.

IF ARMED SECURITY has to be used, it shall comply or be in line with the Group,s guidelines on the use of FORCE and the Voluntary principles on security and Human Rights.

Security TRAINING PROGRAMMES shall be conducted to promote AWARENESS, knowledge, skills and mastery among all staff as appropriate.

ALL INCIDENTS including security breaches and irregularities shall be REPORTED, INVESTIGATED AND RECORDED.

The adequacy of SECURITY MEASURES shall be reviewed continuously, with the support of Security Manager.
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