Professional Lubes has been working and has professional lubrication expertise for the major manufacturing sectors as listed below:

  •  Textile Industry (Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing and Knitting).
  •  Sugar Mills.
  •  Auto Parts Engineering.
  •  Paper and Board.
  •  Oil and Ghee Mills.
  •  Power Generation.
  •  CNG Stations.
  •  Gas Production.
  •  Construction Companies.
  •  Glass Manufacturing.
  •  Chemical industries.
  •  Fleet Management
  •  Wire Manufacturing.
  •  Leather Manufacturing.
  •  Surgical Instruments Manufacturing.
  •  Sports Goods Manufacturing.
  •  Metal Working and Forging.
  •  Fan and Washing Machine Manufacturing.
  •  Plastic Furniture Manufacturing.
  •  Beverage Industry

We have a strong customer base of more than 200 clients from all the above sectors and they are being treated as business partners rather than ordinary clients and they are preferring us for taking advices on lubrication, rather than think of us as vendors only.
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