No Smoking:
               Medical evidence suggests that smokers run higher risks of contracting certain diseases than do non-smokers and there is growing evidence that passive smoking is also harmful. In recognition of this the Ministry of Health, Government of Pakistan & the new Group Guideline has declared that smoking is injurious to health. The Company has therefore decided to introduce no-smoking policy in the place of work as there is a growing expectation among employees that they should be able to work in a atmosphere that is clean and smoke-free.

               Furthermore, it is felt that the Company should be more proactive in encouraging No smoking Zone at the work places.

               To achieve this objective, all staff, contractors and visitors are asked to co-operate in making all public areas of the Company’s premises smoke-free. These include reception area/lobby, lifts, corridors, canteens, conference rooms, toilets, multi-occupancy and individual rooms within the office premises.

               Other passengers should avoid smoking during travel on company business or otherwise to eliminate the risk of passive smoking.

               Assistance will be considered through Medical Centre or Company Doctor to any member of the staff who would like to give up smoking. 
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