Mobile Phone Policy For Drivers:

               Shell Pakistan Limited is committed to the goal of “no harm to people”. Mobile phones have become an essential business tool for most staff.
               However, the use of a mobile phone, or other communication equipment, while driving presents a significant safety hazard. In order to provide safeguard against such safety hazard and to contribute in the enhancement of road safety performance on ‘engine on – phone off’ policy has been formulated.

               The standard applies to the use of mobile phones and hand held two-way radios whilst driving a company vehicle or own car on work related activities or company business. It applies to all company car drivers, all tanker drivers, own fleet or contracted, bulk and packed lubricants, LPG, Aviation, Shell Marine Products, and where appropriate, derivers in other areas which are under the operational control of SPL, e.g. independent distributors. It is also recommended that SPL staff adopt this standard when driving on personal business, thereby demonstrating leadership and commitment to the enhancement of road safety.

               With immediate effect the use of mobile phones or two-way radios whilst a vehicle is in motion shall be forbidden within SPL, even with the use of Hands Free Facility. Any deviation of this standard shall be treated as a case of serious misconduct.
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