Shell Pakistan Limited:
HIV / AIDS Policy:

The HIV / AIDS pandemic causes serious disruption of the societies in which Shell operates. Employees, their families, our customers and the wider communities are affected by it. Currently Pakistan falls into “Low Prevalence with High Risk” category. This policy intends to provide key principles to protect staff and business interests and contribute to preventing the further spread of the infection in our region.

               Company will not discriminate against employees with HIV/AIDS. The medical criteria used for employment remains fitness to work to fulfill the job requirements.

Workplace Behaviour:
               Company recognizes that HIV/AIDS is not transmitted through routine, casual personal contact under normal working conditions. Therefore there should be no grounds for refusal to share a workplace with employee with HIV/AIDS. Acts of discrimination against, or harassment of employee with HIV/AIDS on the grounds of his or her infection shall be subject to disciplinary action.

HIV/AIDS Education:
               Company endorses the principle that the education of employees with regard to HIV/AIDS is the most effective way preventing thespread of the disease as well as as managing HIV/AIDS at the workplace. The education programme will form part of an ongoing HIV/AIDS management process of the Company. The responsibility of healthy living and avoidance of exposure to risk nonetheless rests with employee themselves.

               The confidentiality of medical information related to HIV/AIDS will be safeguarded by Company Country Health Advisor, as in the case for all other medical information, and will not be divulged without the written consent of the affected individual, unless when required by any law, order of court or when informing others directly involved in the treatment or care of an employee with HIV/AIDS

Legal Compliance & Local Customs:
               This policy and related practices and procedures will be reviewed and updated in accordance with any changes in local laws, regulations and prevailing local practices.                
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